OZ Quadra Smartium seating for Asiana Business Class

OZ Quadra Smartium seating for Asiana Business Class.

Some of Asiana Airlines (OZ) B777-200 have OZ Quadra Smartium seats in it’s the business class cabin with a zigzagged layout.

The name comes from the flight code for Asiana Airlines – OZ and "Quadra" that is about the four smart features:

Business Class

Asiana Business Class Seat


-         A full flat bed 180 degrees recline seat

-         Privacy with a small office space area

-         Power outlets and USB ports

-         Direct access


Movable dining tables allow the passenger to move easily anytime and separate cocktail tables are located next to each seat. A number of seats in Business Class cabin have been reduced from 37 to 24 in the spacious staggered layout arrangement. OZ Quadra Smartium seat is 74 inches long, seat pitch, or the distance between seats has increased to 15 inches and foldable armrest and movable headrest have also been installed.

The new business class cabin comfort is only available on several flights and certain days of the week.

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